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ESRB details No More Heroes PS3/360

Bondage-style outfits, bits that "jiggle".

The ESRB has described in juicy detail the mature moments of No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise, the recently revealed PS3 and Xbox 360 enhancey-port.

The US voluntary ratings board has decided that a mature label is appropriate and has ticked the Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Partial Nudity, Sexual Themes and Strong Language boxes.

"The depictions of violence in the game are intense, yet somewhat exaggerated," begins the description.

"Men in black suits are sliced in-half as blood and money flow from their bodies; an assassin with a boombox does not recover after his lower torso has been chopped off - after blood shoots from his empty waist like a geyser; and two women (clad in bikinis) get suspended in mid-air, get caught between the flashing lights, lasers, and frenetic sword swipes of an assassins' duel - the women's heads slide across the floor once the men stop fighting."

The description confirms the return of in-anime Bizarre Jelly, and warns us that there may be innuendo-laden language and scantily clad women on the menu. Phrases such as "The one that's throbbing" and "I feel like that pervy teacher in a porn" are present and women wear low-cut tops, bondage-style outfits and their controversial parts "jiggle".

No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise was confirmed for PS3 and Xbox 360 earlier this month, and will be released in Japan in February.