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Enemy Territory Beta 3?

Depends. On whinging.

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Splash Damage's Paul Wedgwood says there's no "definitive" plan as to whether we'll see a third beta of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars prior to its launch on 28th September - and a lot of it comes down to how much feedback you give them.

"I don't know," he told us when we asked during QuakeCon. "There's no definitive plans on what will happen or what won't."

"Ultimately betas depend on whether we can make the fixes that we need to in patches as opposed to full releases. With Beta 2, so much had changed that we couldn't really deal with it in a single patch, so that's what generated Beta 2."

Naturally that's not the only thing we asked Wedgwood about - we also got his views on the new levels shown at QuakeCon, the way the bot code has developed, and a detailed overview of the mission system and how it encourages sensible team-play at varying levels of skill.

For more on all that, check out the full Enemy Territory: Quake Wars interview.

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