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Ellie and Eurogamer win at GMAs

Second annual media awards. Hic.

Last night at a booze and integrity-packed ceremony in London, the best and brightest of the British games industry assembled for the second annual Games Media Awards, and Eurogamer once again triumphed!

The first award of the night was the coveted (at least by me) specialist online games writer award, for which Eurogamer deputy editor Ellie Gibson and myself were nominated along with other, talented people - and Ellie won!

After collecting a few congratulations and nearly breaking my arm when I tried to hug her upside down as she squeezed past my chair, glamorous Ellie tumbled up to the stage and thanked everyone. It was very sweet and dignified according to everyone who can remember.

A couple of awards later we were up for best games website, in a field that included other games websites. Last year this award was split into separate features and news categories, but this one has more of a ring to it - and we won again!

This was actually more of a surprise than Ellie winning, because we used to be plucky underdogs and thought we'd burned off all the goodwill at last year's awards. If you voted, we really appreciate it.

After a bit of hand-shaking, yours truly went up and got this one, and started off yelling incoherently about the volume of the presenter's microphone, which was making everyone's teeth vibrate. Things went rapidly downhill and basically I can never go back to Camden.

Elsewhere on the night, Eurogamer TV's Johnny Minkley narrowly missed out in the battle for best games broadcast for his Radio 1 work, pipped to the perspex by a now-cancelled cable games show Ellie used to go on.

Other winners were Simon Miller from X360 magazine, who won the "Rising Star" award, Dave Cook from The Scotsman, who won best regional games columnist, the lovely Simon Munk from FHM, who won best mainstream magazine games writer, and the even more lovely Tom Francis from PC Gamer, who won best specialist print writer and claimed his victory was a triumph for African-American women everywhere.

Elsewhere our pals at The Guardian can stash a best national newspaper games coverage trophy next to their Satires of Rome, best games magazine went to Edge, and Steve Jarratt was named games media legend.

Thanks to everyone who voted, congratulations to everyone who picked up an award, and if anyone's seen Bertie since 3am please can they let us know.