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EG poker grand final results

The winners emerge!

The Eurogamer poker tournament is at an end and the winners have been crowned. Vinunes topped the pile, wrapping his virtual paws around the US$ 1,250 star prize; followed closely by Billys Bones with US$ 750, and MassAss who took US$ 500.

The ten players that lead on points after the initial seven heats were selected to take place in the December 14th final. With two no-shows and 'Peter1985' following 'PeterMeier' out on the same hand, numbers were quickly diminished. In the end, it was a determined comeback from Vinunes that won him the title, with everyone eventually shaking hands and becoming best friends in the Eurogamer Christmas spirit.

To see the full table of results from the entire competition or if you just fancy a chinwag, pop into the cosy Eurogamer forum thread that's been charting the history of our gambling venture.

So, hearty congratulations again to the winners, but don't despair if you didn't know about the competition or didn't do as well as you thought you would, since we'll doubtless be back next year with more sinful opportunities.

Or, you can simply head over to the PKR website, download the software, and jump into one of the many competitions that are running elsewhere. Good luck!