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Eco-shooter Xotic announced for XBLA

High score-centric FPS due this summer.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Xotic, an arcade shooter from Scene It? developer WXP Games, launches on Xbox Live Arcade this summer.

Set in a colourful "bio-organic environment", you'll be running around blasting anything that moves with an array of odd-looking weaponry.

The focus is on score chasing, with you carefully lining up your shots to rack up huge combo chains against a ticking clock.

You'll be picking up powers-ups and score multipliers to help you on your way and there are some light RPG elements too. You'll earn XP as you progress which you can trade in for new items and upgrades.

"Xotic is an all-new twist on a genre full of likeminded games," commented Anatoly Tikhman, CEO of co-publisher TikGames.

"Instead of running around and shooting the same old soldiers with the same old guns, in this game players will be exploring a unique bio-organic environment while aiming to rack up millions of points and a spot at the top of the leaderboards."

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