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EA's MOBA Dawngate is trying to do a couple of things differently

Judging by a new video and preview, that is.

Judging by a new video and preview, EA's new MOBA Dawngate is trying to do at least a couple of things differently.

Dawngate is typically MOBA at first glance, with lanes and heroes and a cartoon style you've seen a handful of times before.

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But within the familiar are interesting new touches such as regenerating towers called Bindings, which offer a battered team a way back in to a battle. There's resource gathering, too, in the shape of Spirit Wells. These create additional workers over time that gradually increase the amount of nearby resources (one kind) you harvest, but these workers can be killed by the other team and the Spirit Well can change team-hands.

Bases in Dawngate are protected by a powerful guardian, making them an insurmountable challenge for one or two roaming fighters.

Maps in Dawngate will be steeped in story, and they have only two lanes - the third, central lane instead being a labyrinthine route designed for ambushes.

Dawngate developer Waystone is, incidentally, an off-shoot of Dead Space developer Visceral games. So this is the MOBA that team has been working on for a little while now.

Waystone said beta testing will begin on 24th May - this week.

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