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Earth Defense Force 2025 DLC and pre-order bonuses detailed

Contains giant anime girl decoys. Really.

Earth Defense Force 2025's western release will eventually receive all of its Japanese DLC in the west, though not necessarily upon its February 2014 launch.

The research is in and apparently giant extraterrestrial insects are attracted to big-eyed blonde anime women. Who knew?

As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, pre-orders at GameStop will come with the Air Raiders Weapons Pack. This includes the Pure Decoy Launcher, a giant decoy balloon in the shape of an attractive woman, and the BMO3 Vegalta Gold, a gold-coated gun that reflects radar waves, operates as a flamethrower, and lets you fly for short periods of time.

Other weapon packs will be available as DLC or possibly yet to be announced pre-order bonuses elsewhere. These include:

The Fencer Weapons Pack, which comes with a couple of heavy duty cannons; the Wing Diver Weapons Pack, which includes the Reflection Laser that can shoot in two directions at once, and the Gleipnir, a super weapon that silently discharges balls of energy with the ability to launch continuous attacks; and finally the Ranger Weapons Pack, which contains Volatile Napalm that sets everything within a certain radius ablaze, and a different version of the Pure Decoy Launcher (this time depicting a woman named Mian).

The full game will contain over 700 weapons and four-player online multiplayer, a first for the series on console.

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