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Earth Defense Force 5 announced for next year

Ups the anty.

Earth Defense Force 5 was announced during Sony's Tokyo Game Show conference this morning.

A new trailer showed giant spiders, ants and more falling from spaceships to destroy things on Earth - because that's what always happens in Earth Defense Force. This time there was a giant frog with a gun. Repeat: there was a giant frog with a gun.

Earth Defense Force 5 wil be out in 2017 on PS4 in Japan - maybe on other platforms, too, but there's no confirmation yet. Western release to be confirmed.

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It's hard to judge from the brief Earth Defense Force 5 trailer what's new and improved compared to Earth Defense Force 2025 a couple of years ago, which Cara didn't write favourably about in her review.

Then again, we've liked the games that came before. Christian Donlan's review of Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon in 2011 said "I think you're going to love [it]" for its "guilt-free insect murder"; and in 2007, reviewer of yesteryear Kieron Gillen was bowled over by Earth Defense Force 2017 in his review.

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