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EA will launch 14 games this year, with "multiple" for Switch

Some games will be "upgraded free" next gen.

In its latest round of financial results, EA has confirmed it will launch 14 games over the coming financial year - including "multiple" games for Nintendo Switch.

The publisher's Switch output on the schedule so far includes... Burnout Paradise Remastered, which was recently dated for 19th June with the eye-opening price tag of £45.

EA's upcoming slate also includes Command & Conquer Remastered on PC, plus this year's versions of FIFA, Madden and NHL. Another unannounced sports game will also launch this year.

Four games from EA's promising partner program (think more experimental fare like Unravel) are coming - and it's likely at least some of these are Switch bound. Then there's Medal of Honor VR and two mobile games (Plants vs. Zombies 3, currently in soft launch, is likely one).

Lastly, EA is planning to launch an as-yet unannounced HD remaster. Mass excitement for that one.

Looking to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, EA confirmed that at least some of its games will be "upgraded free" to next-gen versions - though exactly how this will work was not specified. Microsoft has already detailed its opt-in Smart Delivery system, so that games bought on Xbox can be yours to play regardless of you playing on Xbox One or Xbox Series X.

Cover image for YouTube videoBurnout Paradise Remastered Nintendo Switch – Official Trailer