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EA plans for new racing game every year after Codemasters acquisition

Lap it up.

EA has said it will aim to release a new racing game every year following its expected acquisition of Codemasters.

Codemasters currently has numerous racing franchises on its books including F1, WRC, Dirt, Grid and Project Cars.

EA, meanwhile, has Need for Speed, Burnout and Real Racing.

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Explaining why it was interested in Codemasters to investors last night, EA said the studio would help EA become the "global leader in racing entertainment", with the ability to leverage the British developer's game teams, technology and IP.

Codemasters' games were a "natural fit" with "clear opportunities" for its EA Sports portfolio, EA added. I wonder if we'll see an F1 Ultimate Team?

Existing Codemasters franchises will reach a new, wider audience, EA continued, and accelerate their development with expertise and technology shared across EA studios.

In November 2020, Grand Theft Auto publisher Take-Two agreed on a near-$1bn pricetag to snap up racing giant Codemasters - only for EA to swoop in the following month with a larger $1.2bn offer, which was accepted by the Codemasters board. EA's offer is all-cash, valuing Codies at £6.04 for each ordinary share. Take-Two confirmed last month it would not try to compete with EA, paving the way for EA's purchase to become finalised.