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EA signs Funcom's Secret World MMO

Eurogamer presses dev on specifics.

Funcom's next big MMO after Age of Conan, dubbed The Secret World, will be published by EA Partners.

The deal was announced this morning. But with it came no confirmation of a release date nor beta timings.

Funcom explained to Eurogamer that a release date hadn't been announced yet, and politely refused to be drawn on whether The Secret World will arrive this year.

"The development is going very well," the spokesperson elaborated, "and we're looking forward to press hands-on. No beta date."

On the subject of an Xbox 360 version, Funcom added: "Currently we're focusing on the PC version, but we're leaving our options open, of course."

The Secret World adopts a Harry Potter-like premise: a modern-day city contains a secret, magical underbelly. Funcom's take, however, has less pre-pubescent wizardry.

The Secret World has opted to drop familiar MMO features such as classes and levels from its template - preferring instead that players have "unbound" freedom grow their heroes. And those heroes belong to one of three factions each with their own outlook and associated qualities.

Oli Welsh took a much closer look at The Secret World for Eurogamer last year.

The Secret World.