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EA reveals first Dragon Age 2 DLC

A bonus companion and mission.

The first piece of meaningful Dragon Age 2 downloadable content will be called The Exiled Prince, EA has revealed.

A video teasing the add-on shows a man called Sebastian Vael having a strop because his family was killed and now he's the lonely heir to something or another, boo hoo. Some woman tries to talk him out of going for revenge, but Sebastian - with his faint Scottish accent - won't hear a word of it. He even shoots an arrow that narrowly misses her.

Turns out you can recruit "noble archer" Sebastian for the "majority" of Dragon Age 2.

The Exiled Prince costs 560 Microsoft Points or $7. It's also part of the £15-worth of free additional content given to those who buy the Signature Edition of Dragon Age II. Pre-order the game before 11th January and you'll be upgraded to a Signature Edition for free.

The Signature Edition also packs a Dragon Age 2 soundtrack and in-game digital armoury.

Those assassins are about to get royally messed up.