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EA BioWare teases a tiny bit more Anthem, and what to expect from E3

Tune in.

EA has teased three whole seconds of new Anthem footage ahead of E3 this month, plus told us what to expect from BioWare's big new multiplayer game at the show.

At E3 we will see: a new trailer, more gameplay and a combat showcase, as well as hear BioWare talk in a panel about the game.

The new Anthem trailer will look at Anthem's story, characters and monsters; the gameplay footage will show more of the game's core loop of flying, fighting and looting; and the combat showcase will focus on the Javelin exosuit and big baddies.

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We haven't seen anything on Anthem since last year's E3, when BioWare's ambitious new multiplayer blockbuster was first properly revealed. Since then, however, EA has formally committed to a March 2019 release.

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