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EA approach changing - Mythic

Publisher focusing on quality.

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Electronic Arts is working to change the way it goes about making games - with a view to releasing higher quality titles, and "games that players really want to play".

That's according to Mark Jacobs, boss of the firm's EA Mythic division, which earlier today delayed its forthcoming Warhammer massively multiplayer game by three months in order to spend more time polishing the game's features to a rich, lustrous shine.

Speaking to Eurogamer this afternoon, Jacobs said that part of EA's new philosophy is "talking to the community, getting their feedback, and being involved" - and praised the company's CEO, John Riccitiello, for focusing on allowing studios such as Mythic, Pandemic and Bioware to "make great games".

According to Jacobs, the decision to delay Warhammer was made based on feedback from players in the beta, with some changes planned to the game's player-vs-player modes as well as a hefty dose of overall polish.

"No game has launched badly from a technical standpoint and ever recovered," he explained. "If you launch badly, it's tough to come back." If you're nodding and looking a little bit sad at that sentiment, we're guessing you worked on Star Wars Galaxies - or maybe just played it at launch...

You can read our full shake-down of Mark Jacobs on the reasons for the delay, the plans for the beta program and how he has sleepovers for the Games Workshop guys in his house (well, sort of), right over here.

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