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Duke Nukem Forever footage sighted

Perhaps it really will come out.

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The first footage of Duke Nukem Forever since 2001 has hit the Internet. Former Monolith boss Jason Hall landed the scoop in his self-titled show on Crackle, the Sony-owned video sharing site. You can also download it on Xbox Live.

The footage shows Hall take a trip to 3D Realms HQ and chat to studio founders George Broussard and Scott Miller. Both joke that their World of Warcraft habits are to blame for the seemingly everlasting development of Duke Nukem Forever, before letting Hall play the game for himself.

It all looks very Doom, but has plenty of gore and weird alien Half-Life-like monsters with big teeth and evil intentions.

Platforms and dates for Duke Nukem Forever are still to be formalised; most recent word was the usual line-up of PC, PS3 and 360, with an "internal" goal to be finished by the end of the year.

Head over to Crackle for the "Jace Hall Show" video. The 3D Realms coverage starts after about three minutes.

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