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Dreamcast cult classic Cosmic Smash VR revival confirmed, PSVR2 demo inbound

Eye'm not lying.

Sony has confirmed that, as we all suspected, Cosmic Smash is being revived for PlayStation VR2.

Just for a quick bit of background, Cosmic Smash initially launched all the way back in 2001. On its release, the game tasked players with traversing a futuristic subway-style map, with each 'stop' on the line challenging them to clear blocks at the end of a long room within a certain amount of time. This was all done by using a ball and racquet, offering players an experience somewhere between Breakout and squash.

Now, 22 years later, the game is being brought back and reimagined for the PSVR2. This upcoming release is known as C-Smash VRS (the VRS stands for "VR" and "versus") and is being developed by RapidEyeMovers along with VR veterans Wolf & Wood (which is known for VR games such as The Exorcist: Legion VR and Hotel R'n'R). You can see a brief trailer for C-Smash VRS below.

C-Smash VRS' announcement trailer.Watch on YouTube

While there is currently no release date for C-Smash VRS, the developers are releasing a PS VR2 demo, which will be available from 23rd March. In a PlayStation blog about this upcoming release, game director Jörg Tittel stated this demo will include both online play and a solo training mode.

"I cannot wait to show you a virtual reality we could have only dreamed of until now," Tittel shared, while also promising a full release date will be announced "soon".

Meanwhile, if you are keen for more on the PSVR2, you can watch Ian's unboxing video here (and his cat Tilly makes a showing as well).

Ian lays out 7 of the best PS VR2 launch titles for getting the most out of your NEW headset.Watch on YouTube

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