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Watch Ian unbox the PlayStation VR2 ahead of its launch later this month

Almost reality!

Surprise! Ian's VR Corner is a couple of days early this week and it's a big one! (That's what she said.)

In the video player above you'll find my hastily recorded PlayStation VR2 unboxing video, and in it, you'll get to see exactly what is inside the base PS VR2 bundle that you may or may not have already pre-ordered.

As well as opening the box in a typically awkward 'Ian Higton' fashion, I also give you detailed close-ups of the PS VR2 headset, the PS VR2 Sense Controllers, the in-ear headphones that are included with the bundle and a full-length look at the surprisingly long, yet very light, cable.

Oh, and also one of my cats is in there too. The video. Not the box. That would be cruel.

Elsewhere in the video, you can hear me talk about how the PS VR2 headset feels to wear, how the Sense Controllers feel to hold, how weighty they both are and you'll also get a little size and weight comparison with the original PlayStation VR headset too. I even try on the headset while wearing a pair of aviator sunglasses to see if it's a comfortable fit for all you glasses wearers out there. Gosh, I'm thoughtful.

Although I can't go into any more details past the look and feel of the headset at the moment, you can be sure that my initial impressions of these things are positive. So, if you're a VR enthusiast like me, check the video out above and prepare to get hyped!

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