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Drakengard 3 prologue DLC chapters are out now

Along with some franchise favourite costumes and new tunes.

Square-Enix's bewildering action adventure Drakengard 3 has spawned a wealth of DLC this week with five prologue chapters, a couple of new costumes, and some new music tracks.

The Eris garb.

The meatiest of these additions are the new chapters in which you get to play as protagonist Zero's various sisters. One of these chapters puts players back in the high-heeled shoes of Zero while the others let players assume the roles of Two, Three, Four, and Five. One, however, isn't mentioned here. Each prologue pack costs $5.99 (about £4), or you can buy the whole thing in one go as the Sister Prologue Bundle at $29.99 (about £20). Bear in mind that the entire game only costs $49.99 / £39.99.

Other DLC includes the Furiae's Garb costume, which lets you dress as the princess-cum-goddess from the first Drakengard and reduces damage by five per cent. You can also buy Eris's Garb, the outfit of the youngest military commander in Drakengard 2. This prevents stamina loss when guarding. Both costumes cost $2.99 (about £2).

Finally, you can purchase the Intoner Arrange Tracks, which replaces the music used when Zero enters her ultra powerful Intoner Mode. This costs $1.99 (about £1.30).

Drakengard 3 is a curious affair that's known for being full of strange ideas, wavering execution, and wanting production values. "There's something wonderfully subversive about a major publisher releasing a game this willfully strange, particularly in a market this risk-averse," wrote Eurogamer contributor Chris Schilling in his Drakengard 3 review. "It's an interesting kind of failure, and as such is impossible to completely dismiss."

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