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Dragon Age Legends item unlocks named

A belter! Amulet me get away with that?

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Complimentary Facebook game Dragon Age Legends will unlock two rings, two amulets and a belt in Dragon Age 2.

The BioWare Blog reveals the rings as Evra's Might, which is useful against demons, and Air of Confidence, the properties of which are "a subject of much speculation".

The amulets are the Ivo Family Crest and Dura's Blue Flame. Neither are discussed in detail.

Finally the belt, Evra's Trophy Belt, is made from teeth, fur and fragments that mythical hero Evra collected on his adventures. Again, no statistic-related benefits are noted.

These five items can be unlocked for any version of Dragon Age 2: PC, PS3 or Xbox 360.

The closed beta test for Dragon Age: Legends hasn't started yet; you can pop your name down to take part on the official website.

A release date, therefore, is hazy - Legends is "coming soon", according to all official blurb.

Nevertheless, we heard in November last year that Dragon Age: Legends will arrive in February. That's plenty of time before Dragon Age 2 turns up in March.

Dragon Age: Legends is cartoon, turn-based adaptation of the fantasy RPG. You assemble a team, traverse moody forests and punch rats in the face.

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