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Dragon Age II demo is "not confirmed"

"This is speculation," declares BioWare.

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BioWare has clamped down on rampant Dragon Age II demo speculation.

"The demo is not 'confirmed'," stated Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II lead writer David Gaider on the BioWare forum.

"We have made no official announcement.

"This is speculation," he added, "and no matter what it's based on it shouldn't be so misleading."

"Regardless of what you think we should or shouldn't be doing (it's not my place to give info) please keep the fact that this is still all speculation in mind and that you're self-referencing here."

Gaider's post temporarily beds speculation that swirled out from a leaked GameStop memo earlier this week. In it, GameStop employees were told a public Dragon Age II demo would be released on 23rd February.

Neither EA nor BioWare has confirmed either way if this is true.

Dragon Age II has been sliced up for demo purposes before - the game was playable at the Eurogamer Expo 2010.

Facebook game Dragon Age Legends is in closed beta now.

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