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Dragon Age II Xbox Live demo is 1.98GB

Massive prologue file out now.

The Dragon Age II demo can be downloaded right now from Xbox Live Marketplace.

The PC demo is also due today, whereas the PS3 sampler arrives tomorrow.

How big is it? An obese 1.98GB.

Remember, if one million people download the demo between now and 1st March, then two books will be given to all participants. The Far Cliffs of Kirkwall book gives cash when opened, and the Lothering's Lament page-turner bestows an XP boost. Make sure you log in to your EA account so your demo download is counted.

The Dragon Age II demo serves as a prologue to the sprawling RPG sequel. You'll be able to pick to play as the full three classes, see Kirkwall and meet Isabela, who's probably hot.

When you complete the demo, you'll unlock a dwarf blade called Hayders Razor for use in the full game. It increases health, mana and combat skills.