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Double Fine's tactical strategy game Massive Chalice ends its Kickstarter a massive success

Nearly doubles its $750K goal. Fine indeed.

Double Fine's Kickstarter campaign for its turn-based tactics game Massive Chalice has come to a close with an ending tally of $1,229,015 nearly doubling its $750K goal.

It may not have done as well as Double Fine's first Kickstarter campaign for Broken Age (then called Double Fine Adventure), which raised an insane $3.3 million and arguably started the crowdfunding video game trend, but it still did very well considering we're still waiting for Broken Age to come out.

Both titles are being developed simultaneously, as Massive Chalice is being made by a different team within the company led by Iron Brigade lead developer Brad Muir.

Earlier this month, Muir announced that the game would incorporate same-sex couples, something he apologised for overlooking when initially designing the game.

Massive Chalice is expected to launch in September 2014 on PC, Mac and Linux.