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Double Fine's Massive Chalice due to leave Early Access 1st June

Xbox One edition to launch around same time.

Broken Age and Costume Quest developer Double Fine has announced a 1.0 release for Massive Chalice, its second Kickstarted game.

The turn-based strategy title leaves Steam Early Access and launches proper on 1st June, community manager Spaff confirmed today in a new blog post.

Massive Chalice's Xbox One version also arrives around the same time.

Development on the game's PC build has now hit the two-year mark, during which time Double Fine has been tweaking the game based on Early Access feedback.

The developer is now working on final bug-fixing and performance polishing for the game as it stands, as Double Fine heads towards a final release.

For those who have been following its progress, Massive Chalice v1.0 features controller support via Steam for the first time, achievements and Backer Relics for those who donated to the game's crowd-funding campaign. The whole adventure has also been rebalanced, particularly its mid to endgame sections.

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