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Double Dragon resurrected for iOS

Classic arcade beat 'em up returns.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Vintage side-scrolling brawler Double Dragon returns to the fray next month with a new iPhone outing.

Published by Guilty Gear/Bit.Trip mob Aksys Games and developed by mobile game specialists Brizo Interactive, Double Dragon iPhone, as it will imaginatively be known, is an enhanced remake of the original arcade game.

Among the features promised are bluetooth co-op multiplayer, new bosses, new combos, achievements, remixed music and unlockable hidden characters. Oh, and one of those hard-to-love virtual control pad set-ups, as shown off in the screens below.

Never heard of Double Dragon? We pity you. Heroic hoodlums Billy and Jimmy first took to the streets in Taito's ace arcade scrapper back in 1987, in an against-all-odds bid to rescue damsel in distress Marian. Countless console and home computer ports followed, as well as two sequels: Double Dragon II: The Revenge in 1988 and Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone in 1990.

The franchise was last sighted in 2007, when a dismal facsimile of the original game crudely thumped its way onto Xbox Live Arcade.

Find out whether the iOS version fares any better when it arrives on the App Store some time in March at an as yet undisclosed price.

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