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Doom Eternal's latest update adds new Battlemode map, Doom Classic filter, more

Ups the frequency of Empowered Demons too.

Doom Eternal's latest update has arrived on Xbox One, PS4, and PC, introducing a range of new features including a brand-new Battlemode map and, for the aesthetes in the house, a selection of visual filters to fancy up your screen.

On the 2v1 Battlemode front, there's the aforementioned new arena, known as Torment, which features a deserted UAC outpost, abandoned after the Slayer prevented Hell's invasion of Earth. "The Titans, once used as research specimens," says id Software, "remain eternal prisoners of this unholy excavation."

Players can also expect a range of latency improvements for Battlemode as part of today's Doom Eternal Update 2.

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Meanwhile, over in campaign mode, Empowered Demons will now appear in-game on a more frequent basis. Empowered Demons, if you're unfamiliar, are particularly deadly (but optional) opponents with a unique trick; they're designed to hop from one player's solo campaign to another every time they successfully eliminate the campaign's host, growing more and more powerful until a player brings their reign to an end.

Elsewhere, the update introduces overhauled lighting for Photo Mode, and brings Render Modes to Doom Eternal. These were available in Doom 2016 and provide a way to spice up the game's usual look by apply visual filters to the action. Gritty and Cinematic filters make a return, but today's update also adds a few new ones, including a Doom Classic filter, which pixels things up and applies a 256-colour palette.

There's a whole bunch of other stuff in the update too, including quality-of-life improvements, bug fixes, and limited-time events, and all of it's detailed in id Software's announcement post.