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Doom Eternal wraps up epic Doom Slayer saga in Ancient Gods Part Two DLC tomorrow

Nether can say goodbye.

Doom Eternal is bringing its increasingly ludicrous saga to a close tomorrow, 18th March, with the launch of its second and final campaign DLC, Ancient Gods Part Two.

Tomorrow's DLC doesn't just put a cap on Doom Eternal, however; it also brings an end to the story of the Doom Slayer first seen in 2016's Doom reboot, concluding with an instalment that, in among the usual hellfire and decimated cityscapes, leans hard on the high fantasy.

As seen in the trailer below, Doom Slayer's journey to the Dark Lord's stronghold - for one final, epic showdown - takes him to cities nestled among sprawling forests and ice-capped mountain, impossible waterfalls at the end of the world, and there's even time for a dragon or two.

Cover image for YouTube videoDOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods – Part Two | Official Trailer
DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods - Part Two trailer.

New enemies include the Armoured Baron, Stone Imp, and Cursed Prowler, and our immortal protagonist even gets a new weapon in the form of the self-explanatory Sentinel Hammer.

Doom Eternal's Ancient Gods Part Two DLC will be available on PlayStation, Xbox, Stadia, and PC when it launches tomorrow, 18th March. It can be purchased separately or as part of the £25 Year One Pass, which is also included in the game's Deluxe Edition.