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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze coming to Wii U later this year

Dixie Kong returns.

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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, the latest in the long-running Donkey Kong Country series of platformers, has been announced for a Wii U release later this year.

It will be developed by Retro Studios, who made the series' last entrant, Donkey Kong Country Returns, as well as the Metroid Prime Trilogy.

Dixie Kong - who I think is DK's niece, or something - is back as a playable secondary character. She'll control differently from either Donkey or Diddy Kong, as she'll be able to hover, Rayman-like, by spinning her pony tail around. If you liked Diddy before, fear not, he'll still be playable as well.

Other changes will be more dynamic camera angles. While the main game is still a 2D platformer, the camera will spin around during some of the barrel-based sequences to make them more exciting.

This time out we'll get to see more of Donkey Kong's jungle including penguin archers, walrus pirates, and rabbit warriors.

Check out its debut trailer below.

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