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Nintendo Japan website updates Diddy Kong's render and his fans are very excited

Diddy squat?

The image of Diddy Kong has been updated on the Japanese Nintendo website, sparking rumours that the pint-sized hero may be making a return in the not-too-distant future.

As spotted by the eagle-eyed BlueCatBanjo73 and reported by our friends at Nintendo Life, Diddy's had a bit of a makeover, even though it's been all quiet on the Kong front since Tropical Freeze was re-released on Nintendo Switch a couple of years back.

Now, however, Nintendo Japan has updated the stock image of Diddy on the official website, switching out the last render - which was taken from Mario Party DS - for a new one. Interestingly, Diddy's sporting the same pose and outfit.

Does it definitively confirm something new is on the way? Does it 'eck as like. But there's no denying that it's a strange time for a random update, and may indeed be a sneaky sign that there's something on the horizon, such as a new Mario Party game. For now, though, all we can do is watch this space, I guess.

ICYMI yesterday, Nintendo is suing a Switch hacker called Gary Bowser.

Nintendo of America filed a lawsuit against 51-year-old Canadian national Bowser, who is an alleged member of Switch hack creators Team Xecuter.

As Wes pointed out yesterday, that means the president of Nintendo of America Doug Bowser is suing a Nintendo hacker called Gary Bowser. This is the battle of the Bowsers - in court.

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