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Dishonored pre-order incentives announced

Downloadable upgrades for new Bethesda stealth IP.

Pre-order incentives for upcoming Bethesda steampunk stealth title Dishonored have been revealed.

US gamers can take their pick from a number of downloadable in-game upgrades and the odd bit of ephemera.

Here's the full list of what individual retailers are offering:

  • GameStop - Arcane Assassin downloadable upgrade pack, Dishonored tarot cards
  • Best Buy - Shadow Rat downloadable upgrade pack, Whale Oil USB lamp
  • Amazon - Backstreet Butcher downloadable upgrade pack
  • Walmart - Acrobatic Killer downloadable upgrade pack
  • Target - Smartphone Dishonored decal

Details for UK and European retailers "will arrive in the weeks ahead" according to a post on the Bethesda Blog.

The game, co-created by Deus Ex man Harvey Smith at Arkane Studios, is due on shelves 12th October.