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Disgaea heads to PSP

Out in December.

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Koei has decided that what you want is a PSP version of its strategical role-playing series Disgaea.

It is called Afternoon of Darkness in memory of a good pub lunch, and will be available to get lost in this December.

The story is based around the familiar face of Prince Laharl and his band of oddball chums, who get all rough and tumble as they fight for control of the Netherworld.

Developer Nippon Ichi has included a few new things for portable fans, though, like a PSP-specific multiplayer mode that lets you duel friends around the world or share items ad-hoc from your shop.

There is also an exclusive storyline featuring Etna, which sees you try to become Beauty Queen Ultimate Overlord by finishing the game. And if you do, a never-before-seen ending awaits.

You will also be able to customise your multiplayer settings, like modifying the rules, field conditions and other bits and pieces. And to spice things up, you and your opponent can pick five geo cubes before a battle, each with random and potentially game winning properties - although neither of you will know what the other has, a bit like sleeping with a stranger.

Disgaea one and two both scored 9/10 here on Eurogamer for their blend of complex statistics hidden in an engrossing storyline.

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