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Dirt bikes (but still no Camaros) coming to Battlefield 3!

New maps and Capture the Flag and and and.

Oh right so motorbikes cut it but Camaros don't?

Speedy off-road dirt bikes, those mechanised horses, are coming to Battlefield 3 inside the fifth mini-expansion, End Game.

Also inside: four new maps tailor-made for high-speed off-road warfare, and the return of Capture the Flag.

On top of that, lightweight AA vehicles and a new trooper dropship that plops out troops all over the place.

That's all the info there is at the moment.

End Game is the fifth and I believe last of the planned Battlefield 3 DLC add-ons. Back to Karkand, Close Quarters, Armored Kill and Aftermath came before it. Alone they cost £12, but you can buy them all plus get headstart access with Battlefield Premium, which costs £40.

Jesus Christ even Santa drives a Camaro.

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