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Dirt 5 delayed to launch around next-gen consoles

UPDATE: 10th November release confirmed, will be Xbox launch title.

UPDATE 9/9/20: Dirt 5 now has a new release date of 10th November, making it an Xbox Series S/X launch title.

Earlier this week, Codemasters announced the game had been pushed back from its October arrival to arrive around the same time as next-gen consoles. More on that below.

ORIGINAL STORY 7/9/20: Codemasters has announced a delay to Dirt 5, which will now launch on 6th November. It was previously set to arrive in mid October.

The postponed release will allow the racer to roll out onto all of its console platforms in a much shorter timeframe, Codemasters said.

Microsoft has publicly committed to a November launch window for Xbox Series X, with Sony poised to launch PlayStation 5 around the same time. Neither company have yet nailed on an exact release date (or price).

The developer stopped short of saying you'll be able to play the game on either console platform on 6th November, though it's clear the company expects next-gen formats to be available around that week.

As for Dirt 5, the game will support Smart Delivery on Xbox One and provide a free upgrade on PlayStation 4, if and when you want to play your current-gen copy on Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 respectively.

Dirt 5 is the latest in Codemasters' long-running rally racing series. This time around, it includes a story mode with characters voiced by... Nolan North and Troy Baker.

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