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Dino-park management sim Jurassic World Evolution is getting a sequel later this year

On Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

Frontier Developments' dinosaur-infused theme park management sim Jurassic World Evolution is getting a sequel, and it's coming to PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam later this year.

As in the original Jurassic World Evolution, which released back in 2018, players will be tasked with building and maintaining their own dinosaur theme park - laying out exhibits, tending to visitors needs, and, of course, making sure the attractions don't eat the guests.

Moving away from Muertes Archipelago, Jurassic World Evolution 2 will let players build parks across a diverse range of new environments - including dense forests and scorched deserts - utilising "deeper management tools and creative options", including new building types.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 - Announcement Trailer.Watch on YouTube

The sequel will feature 75 prehistoric species - such as the Nasutoceratops, plus new flying and marine reptiles - and there's an "immersive" new narrative campaign set after the events of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, with Jeff Goldblum and Bryce Dallas Howard reprising their movie roles of Dr. Ian Malcolm and Claire Dearing respectively.

Players can also expect new modes, such as Chaos Theory - which offers a "reimagined take on pivotal moments from the Jurassic World film franchise" - as well as a self-explanatory Sandbox mode, and a new Challenge mode.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 is scheduled to launch on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC toward the end of this year.

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