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This stylish and functional Logitech MX Keys S for Mac is an absolute steal from Amazon

That's a reasonably large price cut.

Logitech's MX Keys lineup of keyboards has made for some of our favourite non-mechanical options with their modern looks, snappy scissor actuation and clever software. The updated MX Keys S is the latest iteration, and in its Mac configuration (unsurprisingly a candidate for the best Mac keyboard out there), it's been heavily discounted from Amazon at the moment. Currently, you can grab one for £70 from the big online retailer, as opposed to the usual £110.

Compared to the original MX Keys, not much has changed in terms of aesthetics, as the keyboard uses the same slick chassis with some small changes such as a different function row which now includes a dedicated emoji key, one to open the snipping tool and one for voice dictation, for instance. Otherwise, this is an excellent looking keyboard in its pale grey colourway which should match the aesthetics of a modern Mac well.

The MX Keys S remains a responsive office keyboard with snappy and tactile scissor-actuated membrane keys, which make for some of the best non-mechanical options out there. Combined with this, it also comes with convenient creature comforts such as sculpted keycaps to guide your fingers better, as well as reactive white backlighting and wireless connectivity on up to three Apple devices simultaneously over either Bluetooth or its bundled USB-A receiver.

Battery life remains unchanged compared to the previous model, meaning it's pretty good too. That means up to 10 days of runtime with the default white backlighting enabled. Turn it off though, and you'll get a lot longer out of it - 5 months, to be exact. The big change here is with the addition of Logi Options+ software, opening you up to a more powerful suite of functions including Logitech's clever Smart Actions, which essentially work as macros for productivity tasks. For instance, it means you can open a web browser and several web addresses or apps in one fell swoop, saving you valuable time if you need to get stuff done.

If you want to grab a brilliant full-size keyboard for macOS for less, this Amazon deal on the Logitech MX Keys S for Mac is not to be missed.

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