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This snappy SanDisk Extreme Pro microSD is down to a fantastic price from Amazon

One of the speediest microSD cards out there.

A speedy microSD card pays dividends in whichever platform you're using it in, be it a handheld games console, action camera, drone or otherwise, offering brisk access to important media files, games and more. Amazon currently has a solid deal running one of the quickest options, this SanDisk Extreme Pro, which in 256GB capacity, is down to £25. That might seem a little bit expensive at first compared to other cards of the size, but none are as fast as this one. Also, when this card first debuted on Amazon a couple of years ago, it was £88 or so - that's a big price drop.

On the speed front, this SanDisk card has an A2 rating. In other words, it means you should be able to play games off it directly with solid performance. The requirements needed for a card to garner an A2 rating are a sustained sequential write speed of 10MB/s, as well as 2K IOPS random writes and 4K IOPS random reads. High sequential speeds cut down the time it takes to copy files to and from the card, and this SanDisk card, with its 200MB/s reads and 130MB/s writes is an especially high performance offering, which should be ideal to use in a Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck where it'll enjoy rapid game file transfer times and load times alike.

The 256GB capacity on offer also means you'll be able to get a fair amount of data on here, which is essential if you want to keep multiple AAA games installed, which are starting to get notoriously large. 4K video footage can also be quite large, especially at 60fps, so having a capacious card is great for use with drones, GoPros and other cameras too. Having used a smaller card with action cameras before on some longer trips, it's arguably essential to have a card of this size if you're going to be filming as much as possible.

What's also particularly handy about this SanDisk Micro SD card is that you also get a full size SD card adapter, which increases the compatibility of the card to no end. There are some devices, including some laptops and camerasthat only have full-size SD card slots, so being able to use this card with those devices with no performance penalty is brilliant, and justifies the cost of this card even more than it initially did.

If you want to grab a speedy microSD card for use in a whole range of devices, this Amazon deal on the SanDisk Extreme Pro makes for a brilliant choice.

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