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This rather large Arctic Liquid Freezer III 420 AIO is a steal from AWD-IT

A handy AIO for less.

If a 240mm or a 360mm radiator isn't enough for you, then 420mm AIO radiators are available to fit into supported cases to give you even more fans and a bigger radiator for cooling your CPU. One of the more popular choices, this Arctic Liquid Freezer III 420, is down to £80 at AWD-IT, giving you a handy saving on its price elsewhere - for reference, it's £93 at its cheapest on Amazon.

This Liquid Freezer comes with some convenient features for better performance and contact with both Intel and AMD processors. For Intel, this cooler improves overall pressure for both LGA1700 and LGA1851 processors by coming with its own contact frame for better overall heat transfer. As for AMD, Arctic's cooler takes advantage of offset mounting for more efficient heat transfer, which is convenient. These may sound like small things, but whether you're working with an Intel or AMD CPU, it can help you get temperatures down and keep performance levels up.

At this juncture though, it is important to note that this AIO only comes with the mounting hardware to support the LGA1700 socket on the Intel side, as well as AM4 and AM5 on the AMD side. For reference, that provides compatibility for Intel's 12th to 14th gen chips, while for AMD, that goes for anything from the first-gen Ryzen 1000 chips all the way through to Ryzen 5000 on AM4, while AM5 supports Ryzen 7000.

Elsewhere, this Liquid Freezer is also able to cool voltage converters, while also featuring PWM cables hidden inside its jacket, so there is only one visible cable connected to the motherboard. That's useful if you want to avoid any unneeded clutter while also keeping your build clean, and quiet, too. What's more, as an AIO, it also prevents you from having any of the clearance issues associated with air coolers while providing better thermal performance. You'll just have to make sure whichever case you're using supports a 420mm radiator, but apart from that, you should be golden.

If you want to grab an excellent AIO cooler for a solid price, this Arctic Liquid Freezer III 420 is a steal from AWD-IT.

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