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This fantastic Corsair RM850x PSU is down to $105 from Best Buy

Now that's a good deal.

Corsair's PSUs have a fantastic reputation in the community for being generally reliable and efficient choices that are favoured by a lot of enthusiasts, and are usually rather reasonable in terms of their pricing. If you're building a high-power rig or you want to upgrade your existing PSU with a bit more headroom, I may well have found the deal for you. From Best Buy, this 850W Corsair RM850x option is down to $105, giving you a handy saving on its usual $150 list price.

This is a reliable 80+ Gold rated unit, which is is testament to its efficiency, and also provides peace of mind, too. Inside, this RM850x features a 135mm mag-lev fan with custom engineered rotors for a top-spec choice with little noise and excellent reliability, which is solid. The fact this is also a fully modular PSU also helps for cable management, and to allow for better airflow. Building a PC without a modular power supply can be a bit of a pain, given you'd have to find somewhere to put all the loose cables you aren't using, so a fully modular option keeps things convenient. Its 150x140x86mm dimensions are conventional for ATX power supplies, too, giving you a lot as far as compatibility goes to slot it into a variety of systems.

850W of power is enough for powering even some pretty beefy systems. It's the recommended wattage for most more 'standard' RTX 4090 offerings, apart from some overclocked models, while everything underneath that from both Nvidia and AMD will be more than adequate. For the RX 7900 XTX, the recommendation is a bare minimum of 750W, while 850W provides you with a bit of headroom. If it's also any further proof, Corsair's RMx PSUs are A-tier rated on the Cultists PSU Tier List (formerly of LTT Forums).

If it's a high power PSU you're after for a beefy gaming PC, being able to get this 850W Corsair RM850x unit for $105 from Best Buy is fantastic.

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