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This 512GB SanDisk Ultra microSD is down to £33 from Amazon right now

A speedy microSD for a lot less.

A good capacity microSD card is becoming an absolute must-hav these days if you're someone who owns a handheld console such as a Nintendo Switch or a Steam Deck, ad well as those who use drones, action cams or even portable music players, so you can fit a lot of stuff on them in one go. This SanDisk Ultra 512GB model is a top performer for speeds with reference to its price, and from Amazon at the moment, it's a steal at £33.

On the speed front, this SanDisk card has an A1 rating. The requirements needed for a card to garner an A1 rating are a sustained sequential write speed of 10MB/s, as well as 0.5K IOPS random writes and 1.5K IOPS random reads. This makes it slower than a A2 card, but for everyday tasks it's perfectly fine. However, as much as this SanDisk card has that rating, it's rated for speeds of up to 150MB/s, making this one of the nippiest cards out there, taking down the time it takes to access and transfer files by quite a lot.

The 512GB capacity on offer also means you'll be able to get a lot of data on here, which is essential if you want to keep multiple AAA games installed (or just the entire library of a retro games console with room to spare). 4K video footage can be quite large, especially at 60fps, so having a capacious card is great for use with drones, GoPros and other cameras too. 512GB cards have become a must-have for me with both my own usual Canon M50 camera as well as a GoPro I've used in the past, if you're someone like me who films in 4K a lot.

If you want to grab a speedy microSD card for use in all sorts of devices for less, this Amazon deal on a 512GB SanDisk Ultra card is a steal.

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