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The humble Logitech MX Anywhere 2S is a steal from Amazon for just £35

A capable office mouse for less.

Logitech's MX line of mice have been around for an awful long time now, and it makes sense therefore that their reputation for being reliable and functional choices virtually precedes them. The smaller MX Anywhere series are fantastic travel mice that pack a punch with their features and performance, and this MX Anywhere 2S is a veritable bargain at £35 from Amazon at the moment.

This may well be a bit of an older model, having been superseded by both the -3 and -3S models in recent years, but it remains a comfortable and functional choice for use in offices. That goes for its smaller stature and patterned sides for added flair and comfort. In addition, the fact that this Anywhere 2S is smaller than the bigger MX Master series makes it a better mouse for taking on your travels, as it's easy to chuck into a bag.

Much like the bigger MX Master 2S, this Anywhere 2S features a 4000 DPI sensor, making it a nippy choice for office duties. With the sensor's Darkfield tracking, it's also able to work on surfaces including glass, which even now is a rarity for optical sensors. Connectivity is taken care of wither either Logitech's bundled 2.4GHz USB receiver or over Bluetooth, and it can also work on up to three devices at once. Pairing and switching between them should be easy too, with the dedicated switch on the underside of the chassis.

Software comes in the form of Logi Options, providing some convenient customisation for reassigning button functions, as well as the excellent Logi Flow feature. This allows you to use the MX Anywhere 2S on two different devices as long as they’re connected to the same Wifi network and paired with the mouse, and you can simply drag and drop files between a Windows and macOS device, for instance, which is mighty clever. The MX Anywhere 2S is also rated to last for up to 70 days on a single charge, giving you over 2 months runtime, while a single 3 minute charge offers a day's use if you are ever caught short.

If you want to grab a capable office mouse for a bargain price, look no further than this Logitech MX Anywhere 2S deal from Amazon.

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