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Save $700 on LG's brand new 48-inch B4 OLED from Best Buy

That's nearly half price already.

I'm not sure what's in the water at the moment, but this is now the second big discount we've spotted on one of LG's newest OLED TVs, and boy is it a big one. The B-series of LG OLEDs has always been the mid-range option behind the C-series and ahead of the more affordble A-series, although this 2024 iteration has brought some noteworthy benefits that make it a worthwhile upgrade from an older set. Currently, this 48-inch LG B4 can be yours from Best Buy for $800, which is nearly half price compared to its usual list of $1500 - that's a ridiculous deal on a telly that's only been out for a handful of months.

Compared to the previous two years of LG's OLEDs, this 2024 lineup has received some useful upgrades which make the B-series a viable choice for those wanting a powerful OLED without spending out on the C or G series. The main thing here for the gamers in the crowd is that the B4 now comes with four total HDMI 2.1 ports for 4K/120Hz output, where it previously only came with two, so you can connect multiple consoles and a PC to get smooth, detailed output. VRR comes in the form of both AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync, while those HDMI ports also support ALLM to ensure the most responsive experience when gaming, too.

In addition, it can also get a little brighter than its predecessors too, to allow for better handling of HDR content. HDR comes in the form of Dolby Vision, HLG and HDR10, providing solid support. You also get access to the shiny new webOS24 OS for easy navigation of smart features, which is handy, while LG also bundles in a brand new Alpha 8 processor, which brings in support for AI Sound Pro to help create immersive sound alongside the standard support for Dolby Atmos that this telly continues to have.

The fact is though is that this is still an LG OLED, which should offer some class-leading performance with deep blacks, vibrant colours and fantastic contrast. While you don't get the benefit of an Evo panel with the B4, all of these optimisations should come together to offer a fantastic viewing experience and help to make the B4 a brilliant telly for people who want a brand new OLED for watching and engaging with all kinds of content.

If you want to grab a brand new LG OLED TV for nearly half price, then this Best Buy deal that knocks $700 off the 48-inch B4 is for you.

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