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Look at this cute little 128GB SanDisk USB-C flash drive - it's just £11 from Amazon

Isn't it lovely?

We're seeing a lot more in the way of USB-C flash drives come onto the market as laptops and PCs increasingly opt for the smaller, more powerful connector over the ailing USB-A standard. Just look at what's happened to MacBooks over the last few years, and you realise how ubiquitous USB-C really is these days. To this end, having a zippy USB-C flash drive is always useful, and they've come down in price since their infancy. For instance, this cute little turquoise candidate from SanDisk offers 128GB of capacity, and is down to £11 from Amazon.

The big thing that this USB-C flash drive offers over the older USB-A ones we're used to is, put simply, speed. Some of SanDisk's Ultra USB-A drives top out at 150MB/s, which is equivalent to some nippy microSD cards out there, while this USB-C option can deliver speeds of up to 400MB/s, which are close to that of a full-fat SATA SSD for a desktop PC. Brisker speeds mean quicker access to data, both in the sense of reading and writing, and this SanDisk drive is one of the speediest flash drives out there for the price.

You also get the benefit of a 128GB of capacity, which is probably a lot larger than the pile of all your old USB flash drives put together. We've gotten to the point where flash storage (at least for flash drives and microSD cards) has got quite affordable, so grabbing a capacious drive like this one pays dividends both in time and performance. You spend less time rummaging around in a tin or your office drawer to find a drive in the lottery of unmarked ones, and can access your data quicker, while also being able to store a lot more. If you're someone who deals in larger files, such as media files for creative projects, or you need a bigger drive for installing Windows, for instance, then having a large USB drive like this one is rather useful.

This particular drive also comes in a bright turquoise colour, which is funky, and offers the chance for you to protect the end with its swivel design. Oh, and you can also use it as a USB-A drive too with its dual ends, although you will most likely be limited to lower speeds with it.

If you want to grab a nippy USB-C drive that also comes in a bright colour and with a bigger capacity, this SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Go for £11 is an absolute steal.

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