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Logitech's omnipresent MX Master 2S is back down to a bargain price from Amazon

A powerful, comfortable and reliable wireless mouse for getting stuff done.

Logitech's MX Master line of mice are ubiquitous when it comes to reliable office mice for when you simply want to get stuff done, and arguably one of the most popular iterations is actually the previous-gen MX Master 2S, which brings a familar ergonomic shape, 4000 DPI sensor and convenient wireless connectivity to the party, and can be yours for just £40 from Amazon at the moment. That's a steal.

Its contoured shape not only helps the MX Master 2S to look stylish, but for right-handed users, also makes it a supremely comfortable mouse to use. I've had an MX Master mouse of some shape or form on my desk for the last three years, and this tall, ergonomic frame performs well even throughout a full working day. Combine this with a full complement of tactile buttons, the convenience of a thumb wheel for horizontal scrolling, and a speed-adaptive scroll wheel, and you've got a solid mouse for office and creative duties.

The 4000 DPI sensor is snappy enough for gaming and office work alike, even if the best gaming mice typically offer higher-end sensors and higher update rates, and works on glass surfaces - a rarity for optical sensors. What's more, you get Bluetooth connectivity on up to three devices with practically instantaneous switching thanks to a button on the mouse's underside. This is particularly handy for power users who just want to use one mouse for multiple systems at once.

If you so choose, you can also use the MX Master 2S with Logitech's clever Options suite of software, allowing you to program the mouse buttons and tweak the speed-adaptive scroll wheel. The app also gives you access to the clever Logi Flow feature, which is a game changer for power users. It means that if you've got devices connected both to the Master 2S and the same Wifi network, you can literally drag and drop files from one computer over to the other while maintaining a seamless connection with the mouse itself. It's a clever piece of software trickery, and one I use every so often when I need to use a Mac and a PC at the same time. Logitech reckons the Master 2S will last for 70 days on a single charge, giving you two months or so's worth of usage before you'll need to charge it back up again, which makes for some rather serious endurance. However, if you do get caught in a pinch, you can charge it up for just three minutes and get a day's worth of charge out of it.

Getting the Logitech MX Master 2S for £40 is an especially solid deal and well worth considering for anyone that wants a capable office mouse.

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