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Grab this trendy Montech King 95 Pro dual chamber PC case at a discount from Scan Computers

A big case with lots of RGB.

If there was a PC case that sums up what the modern aesthetics are for building in 2024, it would be the Montech King 95 Pro. This is a big mid-tower 'fish tank' style case with lots of space for showing off your latest PC build, while also coming in white for maximum style points, making it a solid choice for building a white gaming PC inside. If you want to go all-in on the aesthetic, then Scan Computers has this case for £114, which isn't bad at all.

When I said this was a case all about showing off your build, I think that's backed up by the large, curved tempered glass panels on the front and side, which look excellent. Combine this with a 63L internal volume, and it gives you loads of space to easily build a PC inside, using up to an ATX-sized motherboard. Montech reckons you'll get up to a GPU that's up to 420mm in length, as well as a CPU cooler that's up to 175mm in height, giving you the chance to use some long and tall parts, whether it's a beefy GPU or a massive cooler such as the Noctua NH-D15.

As well as offering support for larger GPUs and CPU coolers, this case also supports up to eight hard drives, as well as dual power supplies if you're going for a seriously powerful build with overclocking. To help cool everything, it also comes with six ARGB fans pre-installed (three 120mm fans in the bottom, two 140mm ones in the side, and a 120mm rear exhaust), as well as a 10 port ARGB hub for plugging all their RGB connectors into. With this in mind, this is an excellent case if you like flashy lights, given the amount both on the fans, and inside the case with an RGB light strip for added flair, and RGB-based goodness.

Front I/O is also excellent compared to other cases, with a single USB-C, a pair of USB 3.0 Type-A ports, and audio ports. You also get an LED button for cycling through the RGB lighting in the case, which is a nice touch, and saves messing around in software. There is also a lot of room for cooling, too, with up to a 360mm radiator in the top, and a 280mm radiator in the side with up to 65mm in thickness. To help you build with ease, all the panels pop off with no need for tools, and if you'd preer, you can also transform the King 95 Pro into a mesh case, too.

If you want to grab a fantastic dual chamber PC case at a discount, this Scan Computers deal on the Montech King 95 Pro is a brilliant choice.

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