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Get this excellent 55-inch Philips OLED708 for a fantastic price from John Lewis

A real stonker of a deal on a capable telly.

As much as LG may be the prevailing manufacturer when it comes to OLED tellies, Philips also makes some handy choices that make for excellent TVs in a roughly similar price category, although are rarely discount. Here therefore is a lesser-spotted discount on one of the brand's 2023 OLEDs, the mid-range OLED708 in its 55-inch configuration. At the moment, John Lewis has it reduced to clear for £849, which is a far cry from its original £1500 list price.

As its name suggests, the OLED708 is an OLED telly, meaning you get to reap all the benefits of the panel type, including its signature, inky blacks, as well as vibrant colours and unrivalled contrast. Combine this with a 4K resolution for detailed images, and you've got one of the best viewing experiences available. The OLED708 also supports Dolby Vision HDR, HDR10+ and HLG for adding extra vibrancy in supported content, which is handy.

This Philips OLED also comes with a solid complement of gaming features, helping it along as a candidate for one of the best 4K TVs for gaming out there, including a pair of HDMI 2.1 connections so you're able to hook up both current-gen premium consoles (PS5 and Series X) or one console and a PC for 4K 120Hz gaming. There's also a wide range of VRR support across all platforms, from HDMI Forum VRR for console gamers and AMD FreeSync plus Nvidia G-Sync compatibility for PC users to ensure a low input lag, tear-free gaming experience, plus ALLM (auto low latency mode) which automatically reduces input lag when a game is detected. Philips also says the OLED708 supports GeForce Now for cloud gaming, so you technically don't even need a console or PC to play some of your favourite titles.

The speaker system also supports Dolby Atmos for more immersive audio out of the box, and being a Philips telly, you also get the fun of Amblight. Ambilight is basically like having RGB for your TV, offering ambient lighting that beams off the back of the TV's casing to the wall behind in the colour and intensity of what's showing on-screen, enhancing the effect of sudden brightness or colour changes and providing a more immersive experience overall. Of course, this is purely optional if it's not your bag.

If you want to grab a capable OLED telly that's a bit of an off-the-wall choice, then you'll want to check out this John Lewis deal on the Philips 55OLED708.

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