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Get the brilliant Logitech G915 TKL for just $120 with a lucrative coupon from Amazon USA

A brilliant low profile gaming keyboard for less.

Logitech's G915 TKL may be one of Logitech's older models in terms of their gaming keyboard lineup, but it remains a fantastic low profile option that's also wireless and packs in a bevy of features, all for a reasonable price. It still holds up well today, and can be had for a fantastic price if you know where to look. From Amazon USA at the moment, it's down to $120 with a tick-box coupon giving you $40 off its previous $160 list price.

The G915 TKL has been a favourite gaming keyboard of mine for a while, especially with its solid, sleek construction and aluminium top plate that make it one of the sturdiest gaming keyboards I've tested - as well as one of the slimmest, too, but more on that later. As a tenkeyless keyboard, you do miss out on having a number pad in the name of more desk space to use your mouse on. You can grab the G915 in a full size variant, but it's a bit more expensive than the TKL version, especially as you aren't sacrificing too much. I actually prefer TKL layouts, as I don't have too much need for a number pad, although if you asked me what my favourite keyboard layout is, it'd be a 75 percent layout.

Underneath, this G915 features Logitech's GL Tactile switches, which are in actual fact, Kalih's Choc switches. They offer the fun of the feeling of a Brown switch at half the height of a full size keyswitch, offering a handy combo of a tactile bump with a snappier keypress than more standard keyboards. For both day to day use and for gaming, they're a solid all-round switch. In addition to the GL Tactile switches, the G915 TKL features Logitech's handy Lightspeed wireless connectivity, offering a virtually zero-latency connection when used with the bundled USB receiver, although you can also connect it via Bluetooth too, if you want a longer range connection.

Logitech rates the G915 TKL as lasting for 40 hours on a single charge, giving you the chance to use it for a working week's worth of gaming before you'll need to charge it up again. If you do get caught short though, the battery recharges in just 3 hours, which isn't too long to wait in actual fact. For fans of RGB, the G915 TKL has it in spades, and offers some of the sharpest lighting I've seen on a keyboard. It's also configurable within Logitech's G Hub software which is intuitive and packed with all sorts of customisation options to make the G915 TKL your own.

The Logitech G915 TKL is an excellent low profile gaming keyboard, and for $120, if you're in the market for a solid board with snappy switches, a solid construction, and one of the best sets of lighting and software in the business, you'll want to take note of this deal.

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