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Save £135 on this solid AOC 1440p gaming monitor from Laptops Direct

A great value monitor.

1440p 144Hz monitors have been a sweet spot for PC gaming for a few years now, and that means this spec is also getting cheaper over time. Today we spotted a great deal on a 27-in example from AOC, the Q27G2SU.

For the money, you're getting a great all-round monitor in terms of screen size and resolution - 27 inches and 2560x1440 is arguably the best value for money combo, especially given the immense cost that a similarly spec'ed 4K HDMI 2.1-enabled panel will run you. Images here should be pretty detailed thanks to that 1440p resolution, while the fact this is an IPS screen should also lend mainstream colours to be well-represented, and viewing angles to be exemplary for the price.

Moreover, the Q27G2SU also features a 165Hz refresh rate for smoother output, as well as support for Nvidia G-Sync when it comes to VRR for a tear and stutter-free gaming experience. A quoted brightness of 350 nits should also be pretty solid in helping images to look vibrant, too, while a quoted 4ms (GtG) response time should help this monitor to feel pretty nippy in those high intensity battles although not quite as responsive as 'Fast IPS' monitors.

In terms of its looks, this AOC candidate is a pretty decent looking monitor with a grey frame interspersed with flecks of reds, which should fit right in with your setup, given it isn't too flashy. There's support for VESA mounting if you don't want to use the stand AOC provides so you can put the Q27G2SU on an arm, while its port selection totals 2 HDMI outs, as well as one DP 1.4 port and a headphone jack, giving you some solid connectivity for the price.

For £235, this AOC Q27G2SU is a pretty solid deal, especially given what you're getting for the price, and given that decent reduction, too!

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