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Grab these HifiMan Sundara headphones for £269 from Hifi Madness' eBay store with a code

BONUS10 knocks off 10%.

The excellent Hifiman Sundaras are available for just £269 from the Hifi Madness eBay store, with the BONUS10 discount code knocking £30 or so off the list price.

The big thing about the Sundaras are the fact they're planar magnetic headphones. These work differently compared to more standard dynamic drivers. They operate on the same principle, but work via a conductor that is attached to a flat diaphragm. Magnets are laid out on both sides of that diaphragm, producing a uniform magnetic field. It's clever stuff, and generally results in more accurate sound reproduction than dynamic drivers. Planar magnetic cans can get pretty expensive, but the Sundaras aim to provide a more affordable entry point, especially with that discounted price in mind.

Of course, the most important thing here is their sound quality, and the Sundaras are said to sound excellent for the price. They're said to be detailed and offer some excellent clarity across the frequency range, thanks to those planar magnetic drivers. They also provide quite a flat frequency response, meaning their sound is pretty neutral, although as open-backs, their bass isn't as present as it is with closed alternatives. This isn't to say that the Sundaras don't have low end, because they do, but open backs traditionally aren't as robust. It's a small trade-off for the wide soundstage that they offer with lots of breathing room for the different components of music, although their nature as open backs means they are suitable for home listening only, given they will let noise out.

Aesthetically, the Sundaras look fantastic, too, with an all-black frame and earcups. This means they offer a meaner, more purposeful look, but one that's also comfortable with a reasonable 370g weight, and a ski-style suspension headband. This type of headband is also featured on everything from SteelSeries Arctis headsets to the Meze 99 Neos, a pair of headphones I've tested recently. Those are ludicrously comfortable, so I wouldn't be surprised if the Sundaras are similar. Compared to other planar magnetics, they also offer a much lower resistance with 37 ohms of impedance, meaning they are easy to drive with DAPs, or straight out of your phone or laptop's headphone jack.

For £269, the Hifiman Sundaras make for an excellent deal, and if you're after a brilliant set of more affordable planar magnetic cans, these are a fab choice.

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