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Dance into the light with this fantastic Amazon deal on the Elgato Key Light Air

A useful purchase for streamers.

For content creation and streaming, getting your image right is everything, and a large part of that is making sure that your lighting is even, and there's no shadows. Getting capable key lights can be a fantastic way of allleviating that. One of the best streaming accessories we've looked at in the past is this Elgato Key Light Air, which is a top choice for lighting, and it's currently down to £90 at Amazon from a list price of £150 - that's a solid saving.

Compared to the larger standard Elgato Key Light, the Key Light Air offers a smaller form factor and more 'portable' solution. As opposed to clamping onto your desk, it sits on it thanks to a nify stand. This perhaps makes placement a little tricker than clamping them onto your desk, but it means that you can move the Key Light Air in a much easier fashion if the lighting isn't quite right. (You can also still get a clamp-style mount if you prefer, as the Key Light Air uses a standard thread. ) This is also quite a compact overall solution, meaning it's ideal for people with smaller desks who still want to have a stab at streaming.

They may not get as bright as the standard Key Lights with 1400 lumens of brightness, but that's still perfectly respectable for streaming. What's more, the Key Light Air also features the same great range of colour temperatures to give you a variety of different looks to your setup. Elgato's software also keeps things simple, with a convenient slider allowing you to select your colour temperature, while it also helps the Key Light Air integrate with other Elgato peripherals, including the Stream Deck. This allows you to control your light's brightness and temperature in n especially easy manner.

If you're looking for a more affordable lighting solution for your streaming setup that brings with it some great features, brightness, and a convenient and compact mounting option, then you'll want to take a look at this Amazon deal on the Elgato Key Light Air.

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