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Black Friday Gaming Chair Deals 2022

All the best Black Friday deals to look out for on gaming chairs.

Black Friday 2022 is finally here, and we're seeing healthy discounts on a number of top gaming chairs - which is great. After all, grabbing a comfortable and healthy place to sit is important, and choosing the right chair can be the ultimate upgrade for your gaming setup.

If you're unsure of what chair to go for, and more integrally, where to find the best deals, read on to see the best Black Friday gaming chair deals we've found so far - and check page as we keep this page updated throughout Black Friday.

For chairs, it arguably makes sense to do things by brand, and handily, there are a few to choose from - so take a look at the early deals we've found!


secretlab gaming chairs

Secretlab make some brilliant gaming chairs that are some of the most comfortable and sleek looking ones out there; I've personally been using a Titan Evo 2022 for the last few months, and it's genuinely one of the best gaming chairs I've had the pleasure of using.

Anyway, enough of the personal testimonials - let's talk deals! Here is going to be where you'll find any deals on Secretlab chairs - think the Titan Evo 2022, the Omega 2020, or the Titan 2020, and what's especially useful is that Secretlab sells direct.

Before Black Friday has even started, the brand is actually offering the chance for you to grab BF pricing now. Here's some of the highlights of those reductions:

UK deals

  • Up to £100 off Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 Hybrid Leatherette/SoftWeave Plus Fabric models - for instance, the Titan Evo 2022 Hybrid Leatherette in Stealth is £414 (£30 off £444 list price), while the Cookies and Cream Softweave Plus Fabric model is £434 (£30 off £464).
  • Up to £140 off all Secretlab Classics Prime PU Leather/SoftWeave Fabric models - for instance, the Titan 2020 PU Leather (Dark Knight variant) is £379 (£100 off £479 list price), while the Titan 2020 Black SoftWeave Fabric model is £399 (£30 off £429 list price).
  • £200 off all Secretlab Classics NAPA models - for instance, the Secretlab Titan 2020 Black NAPA Leather model is £514 (£200 off £714 list price).

US deals

  • Up to $205 off Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 - Hybrid Leatherette/SoftWeave Plus Fabric models - for instance, the Titan Evo 2022 Hybrid Leatherette in Stealth is $484 ($105 off $589 list price).
  • Up to $250 off Secretlab 'Classics' range - for instance, the Secretlab Omega Cloud9 Edition is $389 ($189 off $569 list price), while the Secretlab Titan 2020 Black NAPA Leather model is $749 ($250 off $999 list price


Noblechairs also manufacture some more high-end gaming chairs that are much lauded for their comfort and style, and they too are likely to have some great deals for Black Friday.

UK deals


corsair gaming chairs

Corsair, makers of some of the best gaming keyboards and mice , is an example of one of those peripherals manufacturers who've entered into the world of chairs with a solid hit rate - models such as the T3 Rush have been popular amongst gamers, and we can expect deals on some of their heavy hitters, certainly if last year is anything to go by.

UK deals


razer iskur gaming chair

Much like Corsair, Razer has also branched out into the world of gaming chairs, and offers a marvellous selection of thrones for you to use for a day's gaming and working.

UK deals

US deals

Other Manufacturers

andaseat gaming chairs

Here's where you're going to find deals from other manufacturers that we haven't given dedicated sections above, such as Herman Miller, AndaSeat, Arozzi, and more!

UK deals

US deals

So, there you have it - that's some of the current best Black Friday deals on gaming chairs we can find at the moment. We'll continue to update this page as we find new deals, but for the latest updates feel free to follow us on Twitter @dealsfoundry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, time and time again, there are going to be important questions about gaming chairs, not least if you're deciding to grab a new one. Below, we'll take you through a handful of key Qs with our two cents added to help you make a properly informed buying decision.

What gaming chairs does Digital Foundry recommend?

Truth be told, we've recommended a wide range of chairs in our list of the best gaming chairs, ranging from top of the line Herman Miller/Logitech collabs right through to more affordable but comfy choices from Razer, Anda Seat and more. If you're stuck on what to buy. that list should be a great starting point.

What gaming chairs deals do we expect to see?

As the month of November wear on, it would make sense for us to see more deals on gaming chairs in general. To be more specific though, there is an expectation that major retailers (e.g. Amazon, Currys, eBuyer, Scan) will offer deals on gaming chairs, as well as brands who also sell direct - e.g. Razer, Corsair, Secretlab. They may discount slightly older or popular models to draw people in, but it may also be handy to expect any surprises on discounts, too.

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