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DICE details Battlefield 3's Battlelog

Stat-tracking social hub explained.

Battlefield 3 developer DICE has offered up a few morsels of info on the game's Battlelog stat-tracking service, following the leaked screenshot that popped up last week.

Producer Fredrik Loving told the game's official blog that DICE hopes the set-up will make make for a more "social gaming experience".

"We are changing how you communicate, play, compete and share content with friends, extending the in-game experience to be accessible from your home computer, on your handheld devices while commuting, or wherever you may be," he explained.

You'll be able to build a network of friends, communicate with each other and compare Battlefield stats, all free of charge.

The Battlefeed will be the main point of entry, displaying what's happening in your network in real-time. As well as telling you who is online, you'll be notified when, say, a friend unlocks a particular achievement or is looking for help in a multiplayer Rush match.

"The feed will encourage people to play even more," hopes Loving. "They will see their friends ranking up, receiving awards they don't have yet, or getting the new cool guns they have been missing. It will increase the competitive edge. Everything you do on the battlefield is shared amongst your friends."

Battlelog also incorporates a stat-tracking system, offering in-depth data on your entire Battlefield career. You'll be able to compare your numbers with friends, find out what your next unlock is and track your multiplayer progress.

"Battlefield players love their statistics," says Loving. "Now we will give them everything that they want while adding a social layer on top of that."

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